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Archtop Fiber Extends a Warm Welcome to Its Newest Addition to the Family: Hancock Telephone Company

Archtop Fiber Extends a Warm Welcome to Its Newest Addition to the Family: Hancock Telephone Company 970 300 Archtop Fiber

If it seems like we’re always excited over here at Archtop Fiber, that’s because we’ve got a lot of good things happening! We can’t help but be ecstatic to welcome the Hancock Telephone Company crew into the Archtop Fiber family — they’re great people. 

With the closing of the Hancock Telephone acquisition in the books, we welcomed friends old and new at the historic Hancock House Hotel’s Maple Room Restaurant to get to know each other better and celebrate what’s in store for the residents and businesses in Hancock’s Delaware County, New York and northeastern Pennsylvania service area — and beyond.

Archtop Fiber President and Chief Operating Officer, Lenny Higgins; Chief Development Officer Shawn Beqaj; and Chief Customer Officer Diane Quennoz hailed the leadership of the Wrighter family and noted the many accomplishments Hancock Telephone has made under its stewardship since the company’s founding more than a century ago. They also discussed the exciting plans to expand Hancock’s footprint into Sullivan County and farther into Pennsylvania. 

As part of the festivities, we shared Hancock’s new logo and name with guests. Its new moniker, Hancock Fiber, acknowledges the important role fiber plays in serving our customers with the latest and greatest technology, while paying homage to the heritage of Hancock Telephone, and highlighting Archtop’s role in the incredible future that awaits Hancock. 

The fun evening of mingling and camaraderie was set against the stunning backdrop of the Hancock House Hotel’s Maple Room Restaurant, a recently remodeled throwback to the Pine Room of the original Hancock House. The delectable menu made an already delightful evening even more enchanting. Thanks to our wonderful hosts!

“This event was not just to celebrate Archtop Fiber’s acquisition of Hancock — it was also about celebrating the achievements of the Wrighters and their extended Hancock Telephone family over the past 100-plus years,” said Jeff DeMond, Chairman and CEO of Archtop Fiber. “We didn’t only gain a solid fiber network upon which to grow and build more bridges across the digital divide. We also gained the amazingly talented, tireless team that comes with it. They fit right into the Archtop Fiber family.”

We all shared a wonderful evening, not least because of what lies ahead as we blaze a new path forward. Here’s to a better tomorrow with Hancock officially a member of the AF family!

Shawn Beqaj highlights the Wrighter family’s leadership and accomplishments.

Members of the Archtop Fiber and Hancock Fiber team present Hancock’s new logo featured on cupcakes

The Hancock Fiber team and Archtop Fiber crew had a great time getting to know each other better and are looking forward to what the future holds!