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Archtop Fiber Breaks Ground in Hudson, New York, as Work on State-of-the-Art Fiber Network Accelerates

Archtop Fiber Breaks Ground in Hudson, New York, as Work on State-of-the-Art Fiber Network Accelerates 970 300 Archtop Fiber

Archtop Partners with City of Hudson to Deliver the Fastest, Most Reliable 100%-Fiber Internet Service via a New, World-Class XGS-PON Network

Kingston, New York — June 5, 2024Archtop Fiber, a provider of multi-gig, 100%-fiber Internet and phone service to residential and business customers across the Northeast, has broken ground on construction to install a 100%-fiber Internet network in the City of Hudson and announced a partnership with the city. Archtop Fiber will deliver the fastest, most reliable and environmentally friendly Internet service over a new, world-class XGS-PON fiber network throughout the Hudson area. 

Headquartered in Kingston and overseen by a local executive leadership team, Archtop Fiber will provide Internet speeds up to 10Gbps and will offer symmetrical upload and download speeds to meet the rising demand for more robust connectivity as data usage and cloud adoption increase. The new broadband network will support more efficient streaming, a house full of Wi-Fi connected devices, video conferencing, e-commerce and much more.

“Reliable, high-speed Internet is essential in today’s world. As a state, it’s our shared responsibility, alongside local communities and ISPs, to close the gaps in underserved areas across the Hudson Valley,” said Michelle Hinchey, New York Senator. “Archtop’s service expansion into Hudson will immediately enhance the daily lives of people and families who live, study, and work here, and we look forward to seeing the many benefits and opportunities that will come from improving local Internet access.”

“We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” said Kamal Johnson, Mayor of the City of Hudson. “As an elected official, you want to open up new doors of opportunity and growth for your constituents, and with Archtop Fiber’s help, we are finally able to provide the expanded connectivity Hudson residents and business owners have long expressed a desire for.”

Internet service in Hudson is anticipated to be available this summer. Archtop Fiber’s state-of-the-art network is backed by a commitment to investing in the local community, prioritizing the needs of local residents and giving them the best customer service possible. Building and maintaining relationships with customers is one of the cornerstones of Archtop Fiber’s values.

“This part of the process is one of the most exciting. It’s one thing to have plans and words on paper, but it’s quite another to have shovels in the ground,” said Jeff DeMond, Chairman and CEO of Archtop Fiber. “Breaking ground in Hudson is adding to the amazing momentum we have already built and continue to fuel as we move into more underserved areas and extend our 100%-fiber network across the Northeast.”

Hudson is the latest community where Archtop has broken ground as part of its aggressive launch and rollout plan. Archtop has now officially launched service in Kingston, Saugerties and Rhinebeck. Beyond the Hudson Valley, Archtop Fiber’s rollout plan includes markets throughout New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

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Archtop Fiber was founded with a commitment to bring the fastest, most reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable Internet access to those who have traditionally been underserved — or even overlooked. The Archtop team has decades of success partnering with communities, large and small, to create technology-driven opportunities. With a fully funded business strategy, Archtop is dedicated to local investment. This ensures we support customers with upgrades to existing infrastructure while deploying the latest multi-gig, symmetrical, fiber-based network technology to bring faster, more secure and scalable broadband services to those that need them. Archtop Fiber is proudly invested in empowering your day-to-day life, bringing the digital world to you, your community and its businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals, farms and community centers. 

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