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Service Rollouts, Strategic Acquisitions and New Friends Highlight Archtop’s First Two Years

Service Rollouts, Strategic Acquisitions and New Friends Highlight Archtop’s First Two Years 970 300 Archtop Fiber

Break out the cake, candles and bottles of bubbly! Archtop Fiber is entering its third year on a high note. Actually, make that several high notes. 

As we celebrate our second birthday today, we not only have much to be proud of but also a whole lot to look forward to, and we are thankful for everyone along for the journey with us as we continue the amazing progress we’ve made securing Archtop Fiber as the superior connectivity provider in the region.

Firing Up Our Fiber Footprint Expansion

Our market rollout continues to build major momentum. Most recently, that includes the City of Hudson, where we broke ground earlier this month on our state-of-the-art, 100%-fiber Internet network and announced a partnership with the city. Soon, we will be offering the fastest, most reliable and environmentally friendly Internet service over a new, world-class XGS-PON fiber network to Hudson residents and businesses. This comes on the heels of the incredible headway we’ve made in Rhinebeck, where we launched service last month. In addition to Rhinebeck, we’re now live in Kingston and Saugerties

Advancing Our Network through Strategic Acquisitions

We have continued to solidify our position as a leading Internet service provider through multiple acquisitions of respected, best-in-class local telecommunications companies.In fact, in the span of just five months, we welcomed three incredible companies into the Archtop family.  

In early 2024, we acquired Warwick Valley Telephone, a regional carrier serving New York’s Orange County and Mid-Hudson Valley and northwestern New Jersey. Now known as WVT Fiber, Archtop is making tremendous progress on upgrading WVT’s existing network and has begun rolling out new fiber.

In October 2023, Archtop also acquired Hancock Telephone Company, a family-owned telecommunications provider based in Hancock, New York. Through this acquisition, Archtop Fiber will provide telecommunications services to customers throughout Hancock’s Delaware County, New York, and northeastern Pennsylvania service area and beyond. 

In September 2023, we celebrated the acquisition of GTel, the fiber-rich, fourth-generation, family-owned voice, video and Internet service provider based in Germantown, New York. This acquisition allowed us to provide telecommunications services in more than five townships across New York’s southern Columbia County.

Making New Friends and Spreading the AF Spirit

We’ve also had occasion recently to pat our incredible team members on the back, when Archtop Fiber was named Winner for Shoestring Marketing in Cablefax’s 2024 FAXIES Awards for excellence in public relations and marketing. With our primary focus being investing in our communities, we have taken a grassroots approach to marketing and community outreach that’s more about substance and style than it is about spending big bucks on advertising. We’ve been meeting friends and neighbors at our Fiber Friday Coffee Pop-Ups featuring free coffee and Fiber Franks events at Dallas Hot Wieners in Kingston, along with seasonal activities, including trunk-or-treats and National Cookie Day. Additionally, we have given our time to make our communities a more pleasant place to live and work by participating in local community cleanup days across Hudson Valley. When we say we’re all about connectivity, that includes building and strengthening relationships in the amazing communities we serve. 

Stay tuned, because we’ve got so much more up our sleeves for Year Three. Beyond the Hudson Valley, our ambitious rollout plan includes more markets throughout New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. We are #ProudAF of our achievements so far – and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. Here’s to continuing to work toward completing our important mission to bridge the digital divide across the Northeast with top-tier connectivity!

Thanks to our team, customers and partners for joining us on this wonderful journey!